Whatever your sector of activity or your level of financial commitment, together we can develop your original and customized visibility.

Partnering with the Jumping competition at Mantes-la-Jolie is a great opportunity to increase your visibility. It’s also a unique place for inviting customers and prospects on the edge of the Prestige track or in the VIP area.

To take part of the 15th edition, contact us !

Placement of your logo on communication supports: official posters, website, social networks, brochures, programs and event results.

aYour presence on the track during the awardceremony. Invitation to a cocktail party for the Grand Prix of the City in the presence of elected officials and local celebrities.

Availability of a space for distributing your communication support material at the reception areas of the venue.

Obstacle in your colors.

Event in your name, with awarding of a plaque + afloat + a shirt embroidered with your colors.

Special access to the Prestige terrace (grass track) for your professional meetings.

Your logo throughout the site: competition field, leisure area, stable, exhibition area, restaurant area, relaxation area, riders area, etc.

Billboard in your name at strategic spots (arenas).

Availability of a 3x3m or 5x5m stand in the exhibition area.

Ads read by our presenters throughout the duration of the event.

Access to the visitors-riders contact file.